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iClebo Kobuki meets Turtlebot

August 26th
TurtleBot: every day a bit more indigo! We have updated most of the turtlebot_arm stack to work with Indigo and MoveIt!. It’s released as version 0.3.x (while fuerte version was 0.2.x). The big missing parts are the turtlebot_arm_interactive_ ma…
December 4th
Do you need range sensors for your kobuki and cannot afford a laser?Are you sick of watching your TB2 hitting obstacles below kinect fov?Our case was the second one, so we equipped our three waiterbots (Turtlebots 2 with coffee cups holders and buttons fo…
October 24th
The doors are open at Robotworld!Until this Sunday, 27th October, you have the chance to see tons of robots at one of the largest robot exhibitions in the world!This year Yujin Robot's booth is filled with robots. Stop by and see the Kobuki gang (Kob…