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  1. None of the Molex Part Numbers correspond to cconnectors that will fit in our Turtlebot Kobuki base.
    I am interested in knowing how to order the mating connectors for the 12V@1.5A, 12V@5A, 19V@2A and 5V@1A connections.

    1. Dear Carol.
      Good day to you.

      This is Mason.
      I’m in charge of Kobuki & Turtlebot2 sales part at Yujin.

      About your request, I’ll check and upload a correct information.

    2. hi. Carol.

      i asked your questions to our engineer, and he checked the Molex parts number.

      the number of 12V@5A are changed to 3929-9023.
      the other molex has not changed.

      have a nice day.

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