• QBot 2 for QUARC

    QBot 2 for QUARC

    The Quanser QBot 2 for QUARC is an innovative open-architecture autonomous ground robot built on a Kobuki platform. Equipped with … [...]
  • Waiterbot 2

    Waiterbot 2

    Waiterbot 2 is the further developed version of the Waiterbot. Together with the automated vending machine - Arduino-powered - it … [...]
  • Kobuki Shooter

    Kobuki Shooter

    Implmented to demonstrate Kobuki with embeded board on top. The robot rotates with green button pressed and starts to charge … [...]
  • Waiterbot


    Designed and implemented to use in robotics in concert demo. Yujin Robot have demonstrated Cafe delivery. This custom kobuki design … [...]
  • Kobukino


    First result of playing with Kobuki and Arduino Usually Kobuki is controlled via the serial interface and using the provided … [...]


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